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Payee portal

Minimise calls to your accounts payable support team and improve your supplier relationships by giving your beneficiaries visibility of their past and future payments through a web based portal.

Key features of the PaymentsPlus Payee Portal include:

Invite your recipients

Invite your recipients to register for the PaymentsPlus Payee Portal. To do this:

  1. Provide PaymentsPlus a list of your trusted suppliers.
  2. Send an invitation code. You can do this one at a time, or in bulk.
  3. Your recipient register for access to the Payee Portal.

You can track to see which of your suppliers have registered for Payee Portal access.

Payee Portal Dashboard

Recipient self-registration

After inviting your a supplier to access the Payee Portal, they will recieve an email. The email contains instructions to securely register for access. The recipient:

  • Fills in the registration form. The details they enter must match exactly the details you've provided as a trusted supplier.
  • They are provided their user access details.
  • If the recipient has received invitations from many PaymentsPlus buyers, they can link their access from inside the Payee Portal without registering again.

For your recipients, you can:

Payments and invoices

Using the Payee Portal, your recipients can:

  • View and search for payments.
  • View pending payments.
  • View and search for invoices.
  • Print remittances.
  • Track the status of their payments.

Payee Portal Dashboard

The recipient may also perform Administration functions.


Your recipient have access to these administrative functions:

  • View activity logs
  • Link their access to other PaymentsPlus buyer payments.
  • Manage their own access
  • Create additional users for the Payee Portal.

Payee Portal Dashboard


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