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Rockend REST response CSV

This page provides a specification for the PaymentsPlus Rockend REST CSV remittance file format.

File format specification

The file format is a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file consisting of a single header row followed by a number of payment records.

A field may be encapsulated in quotes (") to ensure that formatting notation present in fields does not interrupt the file (e.g. if the field contains a comma).

A valid quote character (') in a field will be encoded as a double quote (").

A CSV remittance file will be produced for each input file provided into PaymentsPlus. Additional remittance files may be produced to update payments which have been subsequently declined by other financial institutions.

Field Field Name Format Description
1 Pay From Account Alphanumeric The payee account that payments were made from.
2 Your Bank Reference Alphanumeric The buyer bank reference that the payment was included in. Payments to recipients will be bulked debited per payment type against the buyer according to the payment file they were contained in.
3 Payment Type Alphanumeric The payment instrument of the payment. E.g. Cheque, Direct Entry or BPay.
4 Remittance Type Alphanumeric The remittance type of the payment. E.g. None, Email, Fax, Post.
5 Buyer Reference Alphanumeric A buyer provided reference to uniquely identify the payment.
6 Bank Ref/Cheq# Alphanumeric A recipient reference for the payment which will appear as the cheque number or lodgement reference for the recipient.
7 Status Code Alphanumeric A unique code identifying the status of the payment. Refer to Payments Status Codes page for further information.
8 Status Description Alphanumeric A description more elaborately describing the status of the payment.
9 Payment Date Date dd mmm yyyy The date that the payment was made.
10 Recipient Code Alphanumeric The payee/recipient name that the payment was made to.
11 Recipient Name Alphanumeric The payee/recipient name that the payment was made to.
12 Recipient Account Alphanumeric The account that the payment was made to.
13 Currency Alphanumeric The currency of the payment.
14 Amount Number N,NNN.NN The amount of the payment in dollars. E.g. 1,234.45.
15 Recipient Address 1 Alphanumeric The first address line.
16 Recipient Address 2 Alphanumeric The second address line.
17 Recipient City Alphanumeric The recipient city.
18 Recipient State Alphanumeric The recipient state.
19 Recipient Post Code Alphanumeric The recipient postal code.
20 Recipient Fax Number N The recipient fax number for the recipient.
21 Recipient Email Email The recipient email address.

Sample file

Pay From Account,Your Bank Reference,Payment Type,Remittance Type,Buyer Reference,Bank Ref/Cheq#,Status,Status Description,Payment Date,Recipient Code,Recipient Name,Recipient Account,Currency,Amount,Recipient Address 1,Recipient Address 2,Recipient City,Recipient State,Recipient Post Code,Recipient Fax,Recipient Email
032-000 000007,BATCH001,Direct Entry,None,PAYMENT001,PAYMENT001,Success,Approved or completed successfully,14 Nov 2011,,Example Customer,032-000 000015,AUD,"1,000.00",Level 1,Wallsend Plaza,Wallsend,NSW,2290,0249510055,

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